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Home MEJAN. Ref.038-053 "CAMPS ESGLAONATS". Oil on canvas.

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Size 100.0 x 100.0 x 2.0 cm
Weight: 6.0 kg.


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Josep Mª Mejan
Born in Barcelona (Spain) 1942

His works display a technique which, avoiding superfluous motives, achieves a personal seal thanks to the use of a palette of pure colours rich in shades. 
The scenery of his works are fruit of rhythms and lineal strokes which allow him to achieve a lyrical and poetic painting free from anecdotic elements.
Works where drawing is the base from which he subsequently exhibits his blended chromatic palette, full of combinations of transparencies and opacities, in such a way as to obtain, with oil, the effect of a water-colour. 
He achieves chromatic planes, product of extracting the essential lines from the landscape, creating horizontals and verticals which coincide at a point of flight, in a chiaroscuro or a transparency.

Oil on canvas Work :100x100x2 cm. Framed:103x103x3,5cm.